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Walter Hirsch
* 06.09.1906 jd Kempen    + Auschwitz
Dr. Walter Hirsch 
Beruf: Mathematiker 
[Familienforschung] Wolfgang und Gisela Freier 2012, Dr. Walter Hirsch, *1906 Kempen, deportiert nach Gurs, umgekommen in Auschwitz; Sohn von Isidor Hirsch und Johanna Kaufmann 
[Biografie] Leopold Hoenig, Anchestors and Descendants, 2009, Chapter 3: Dr. Walter Hirsch (born September 6, 1906), had a doctorate (PhD.) in mathematics. »Our brother Walter also spent four years at the Jewish local school and then entered the Gymnasium till the year 1926, having made the Arbitur after nine years. Since he was a very good scholar, our parents were pleased with his decision to carry on to study at the University. He was very interested in music too, and also went to the Konservatorium in Krefeld for a good few years. He suffered very much with asthma and had to miss many days of the year in school. But in spite of this his reports were always first class. In fact he was always top man in class. Mathematics and Naturwissenschaft were his choice. He studied two semesters at the University in Freiburg and the following seven semesters at the University in Berlin. He was promoted to Doctor of Philosophy October 6, 1931 at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He was then sent, to work as Referendar for two years to Schulfarm Insel-Scharfenberg near Berlin. However, as soon as the Nazis had come to power his career had come to its end and he was no longer allowed to teach and stood no longer any chance in Germany. He emigrated to Italy where he worked as teacher at the Landschulheim Florence (a boarding school of immigrants' children). They had to leave Italy when Hitler and Mussolini became allies. The boarding school carried on in Nice (then unoccupied France) but they soon fell into the hands of the Vichy government and were trapped again. In spite of great efforts of friends and collegues from the U. S. to save him and bring him over to the U. S., he did not get the exit visa to leave France. For several years he went through various camps: Les-Milles De Gurs and finally to Auschwitz in August 1942. - Professor Albert Einstein had agreed to assist Walter should he arrive in the U. S. He had read a manuscript by Walter regarding the Theory of Relativity to be understood by young scholars.«  
[Gedenkbuch] Walter Hirsch, *06.09.1906 Kempen, wohnhaft in Kempen und Ahlem; Emigration am 31.03.1934 nach Italien; deportiert am 17.08.1942 ab Drancy nach Auschwitz 
[YadVashem] Dr. Walter Hirsch, *06.09.1906 Kempen am Niederrhein, wohnhaft in Nizza, Frankreich, während des Krieges in den Lagern Les Milles und Gurs; am 17.08.1942 deportiert ab Drancy nach Auschwitz; Sohn von Isidor und Johanna Hirsch; Gedenkblatt 1978 eingereicht von Paul Hirsch, Stanmore, London 
[YadVashem] Walter Hirsch, *06.09.1906 Kempen, Dr. der Mathematik, wohnhaft in Berlin, wo er einen Lehrauftrag hatte; deportiert am 17.8.1942 nach Auschwitz; Sohn von Isidor und Johanna Hirsch; Gedenkblatt 1991 eingereicht von seiner Schwester Martha Horn, Auckland 
Opfer der Shoa
Eltern: Isidor Hirsch und Johanna Kaufmann
Link: Yad Vashem: Foto von Dr. Walter Hirsch

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